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Whether you’re a homeowner, a buyer, a seller, or a legal professional, understanding our services can help you make better decisions and protect your interests. Continue reading to learn more.

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Real Estate Appraisals

Providing an expert opinion of the value of a property based on various factors such as location, condition, and comparable sales data.

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Divorce Appraisals

Conducting a property valuation to help with the division of assets during a divorce settlement.

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Pre-Listing Appraisals

We can conduct an appraisal before listing a property for sale to determine an appropriate asking price and maximize the seller's profit.

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Non-Lending/General Purpose

Providing a property valuation for various purposes such as tax assessments, insurance claims, and legal proceedings.

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Estate Appraisals

We can perform an appraisal of a deceased person's property to determine its value for estate settlement purposes.

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